Are Performance-Enhancing Drugs Addictive?

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Different people rationalize the use of performance-enhancing drugs in different ways. For athletes or active people, they may seek a chemical boost to enhance their natural talents or abilities. For those who feel dissatisfied with their physical states, they may think performance-enhancing drugs help them reach personal goals. The problem is that these drugs are just as addictive as any illegal substance or prescription medication, and abusing them will devastate addicts. Atlanta drug addicts who abuse performance-enhancing drugs may become addicted to these substances, but they can recover if they have the right help.

Variations and Uses of Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Physically active Atlanta residents may abuse other substances than just steroids, like the following examples:

  • Muscle-building/fat-reducing drugs (growth hormones and anabolic steroids) to increase physical strength and size
  • Stimulants (both legal and illegal stimulants, such as caffeine and amphetamines) to create and prolong usable energy
  • Blood boosters (erythropoietin) to move oxygen through the blood faster
  • Painkillers (from acetaminophen to opioids) to keep users from pain levels that would slow them down
  • Masking drugs to help the user pass drug tests

Even taken on their own, such drugs can be addictive. Greater problems occur when the heavy use of one drug requires it to be balanced with the use of another. Steroids and masking drugs are one such pair; stimulant addicts may use sedatives to bring their energy down enough to sleep at night, or they may combine stimulants to diminish use. Such escalated consumption is common in painkiller use as well, so Atlanta residents may need professional help to overcome addiction.

Beating Addiction to Performance-Enhancing Drugs

These drugs are not only dangerous physically, but also psychologically. Initially, the drug helps Atlanta users exercise longer or look more muscular than before. However, the longer someone takes these drugs, the more convinced they become that they need these drugs to progress and build an athletic future. Addiction becomes a mental as well as chemical issue. To address this difficult problem, Atlanta drug addicts should seek integrated treatment. This treatment method looks not only at the physical damage, but also any psychological damage the addiction may have caused. With this professional help, any drug user can recover and live without drug abuse.

Atlanta Addiction Help

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