Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

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Adventure therapy works by providing challenges and risks for recover drug addicts. This therapy placing Atlanta drug addicts in an environment that demands communication, leadership, problem-solving skills, participation and trust. It provides adventure, activities and stimulating experiences that enhance the recovery process, and it includes white water rafting, hiking, sailing, rock climbing, horse riding and more.

How Does Adventure Therapy Help Addiction Recovery?

Adventure therapy can expose problematic behavioral patterns, beliefs, emotions and core issues. It becomes easy to identify how these issues relate or trigger the addiction while it encourages Atlanta drug addicts to change. Adventure therapy is therapeutic to an addict’s physical, psychological and spiritual pain. It encourages Atlanta drug addicts to open up and participate in recovery, while more traditional treatment can feel threatening and keep people closed off. The challenges in adventure therapy assist recover by promoting the following benefits:

  • Identifying and changing behaviors
  • Self discovery
  • Improve one’s self confidence and self worth
  • Eliminate obstacles and barriers that prevent healing
  • Spiritual healing and growth
  • Addiction-free activities that provide fun, excitement and challenge
  • Improve internal and external mindfulness
  • Build skills to adapt and cope with change, obstacles or stress

With the right methods, any Atlanta drug addict can get clean.

Is Adventure Therapy Better than Traditional and Alternative Therapy Options?

Adventure therapy is an effective option for addiction recovery, but is only a part of a treatment program. It works best when combined with other therapy options, both traditional and alternative. Atlanta drug addicts will make progress in adventure therapy, but afterward they can apply this to more traditional forms of therapy. The goals of adventure therapy assist the recovery process, but not every component of treatment will come from this experience—not to mention this form of therapy is both physically and psychologically demanding.

Where Can Atlanta Residents Find Adventure Therapy Treatment for Addiction?

Many addiction treatment centers offer adventure therapy, but the activities will vary among centers. Because there are so many options to adventure therapy, Atlanta residents should seek help from professionals. Online sources are great ways to browse available options and to get a good idea of what recovery entails. However, seek professional help as well, because adventure therapy may not be the right option for every Atlanta resident. Choosing the right recovery options is extremely vital to one’s success.

How Do I Know If Adventure Therapy Is Right for My Recovery?

If you live in Atlanta and are interested in adventure therapy, we can help you find a program. Please call our toll-free helpline to speak with an addiction counselor. Counselors are available 24 hours a day to assist you with all of your addiction needs. We can answer questions, encourage recovery services and discuss all of your options of adventure. We will help you find the right treatment options that will lead you to recovery. Call now to begin your recovery today.